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Originally Posted by dgullickson View Post
Sorry to hear about all this!!! Times are tough for everyone in this economic state we are in..

With that said couple ideas to think about

250.00 right now is alot for some to come up with due to the economy, plus add Christmas on top of that.

So another option could be:
  1. $80 club membership which gives you free practice time and your race fees are only $5.
  2. The club can spend (once there is capitol) some money in the hobby shop on some raffle prizes, say a couple pairs of tires to start out with and move up to nicer things as there is more revenue in the club. The money received from the raffle go back into the club's pot to help pay the rent, improvements, and heat, etc.
  3. As far as the heat, I am sure once people have a vested interest in the track and are helping to pay for the heat, they will be more inclined to close the door, after all we weren't born in a barn
Just some ideas, which I always have plenty of.. LOL
Thanks for the input, Dave. I know that $250.00 is a good chunk of change right now, but that is the only way it will work. $80.00 for membership won't even begin to cover what needs to be covered. It is unfortunate that is the stage we are at, but it is. If people really want this to happen, maybe start making some sacrifices that will allow it to happen. Skip the Starbucks and fast food for a while, whatever it takes. I hate to suggest it, but I know how much it costs to race the ECT for a weekend. The money from that one race could probably cover 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of this membership. You guys have to decide how much you want it. Tim and I can no longer afford to keep it going by ourselves. Not what people want to hear I am sure, but it is 100% the truth. If people cannot or will not step up and take this over, it will be dead, plain and simple.
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