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Default Help Save Portland Racing

Hey Guys,
I am going to start this off by saying thanks to everyone for their support of our track and hobby shop. If it wasn't for everyone out there we wouldn't have made it this far. Now for the tough part. I am going to start this post about the race track, and leave the hobby shop issues for a different post. It will be the intention of Tim and I to separate the track from the business of the hobby shop. By doing so, we will be able to sustain the track and racing program while options to maintain the hobby shop are pursued. Please realize that by doing this we may be able to continue to race through the winter as well as buy a little time for some sort of reorganization or sale that would sustain the Hobby Shop. You as racers will have a vested interest in the track and racing program. Absolutely no money from this program will go towards Hometown Hobbies and its financial situation. Now with that out of the way, here is the proposal.

The racers and enthusiasts of A-Main Raceway will form a club. That club will consist of members that will pay dues to be a part of the club. The club will be responsible for the track lease payment (to be negotiated with the landlord) and all upkeep of the track and racing program. At our meeting Saturday, it was determined that for the immediate future, the track would propose to lease the building until the end of May. The reasoning for this was that the racing program typically slows down in the summer time as everyone moves outdoors, so the club may not be able to sustain itself through the summer. If the club deems that it can support itself and the majority approve the decision, then the club can pursue a longer lease. Please realize that all the information here will be contingent on the owner of the property approving the proposal from the club. And please realize that all this is contingent on the club raising the necessary monies to pay for the majority of the lease in advance. Here is a breakdown of the proposed fees for the club members:

Regular membership: $250 includes unlimited racing and practice (Jan. 9 – May 29)
“Slash” membership: $180 includes Tuesday night Slash racing and unlimited practice (Jan. 13 – May 26)
Walk-in race entry: $15 per class, 2nd class $10 (Novice $10)
Non-Member Practice: $10.00 per day, no hourly rate

By becoming a member of the club, you will be entitled to unlimited practice and racing for the duration of the lease. I know it seems like a lot of money up front, but if you break it down it is only $50.00 a month, which is less than most people would spend in that time if you include racing and practice. For those that cannot afford the membership up front, we would sincerely hope that they would race and practice as much as they could afford. This club membership fee only covers the racing and track program. It does not include anything to do with the hobby shop. There are many things to be worked out with the hobby shop. Tim and I will address them in a different post, but the main point with the hobby shop is this: it will no longer be around after January 31 in its current capacity. It will either be liquidated and then closed, or a buyer must be found and a deal worked out. If anybody reading this has the means or knows somebody that has the means, this is a prime opportunity to get into this business for very little cash outlay. The main problem with the hobby shop (and I don't want to go too far into this) is that Tim must move on in his life and pursue a career that will allow him to pay his bills and provide for his family. The debt load that Tim has accrued while trying to keep the hobby shop and track alive is such that the hobby shop can no longer support him. And it will not be able to support him regardless of how much the sales improve. Again, we will address the hobby shop later, but that is the main jist of the situation.
I cannot stress this enough, but the club and Hometown Hobbies will be two seperate entities. The club will in no part be responsible for any of the debt of the hobby shop. It will be a seperate entity with elected officers and a bank account. As a matter of fact, Tim and I will both be paying members of the club in order to make sure it gets started and the track has a future.

Everyone needs to look deep into themselves and see how much they truly want to have a track in the greater Portland area. I know that there is a core group of guys that really want this to succeed and I am 100% confident it can work. It is up to you the racers and enthusiasts to decide if this is what you want.

So here is what has to happen in the next few weeks to make this work. If you are interested in the club membership we need to know right away. If everything comes together and the landlord agrees we would need payment by Jan 9th . We need as many commitments from racers by Dec 28th, that is not a lot of time but if we all call a few people it shouldn’t be hard to get the word out. If we get enough commitments and the landlord is favorable we will have a club organizational meeting on Jan 4th (Sunday). At this meeting we can elect officers and talk about the details.

Here is the contact info that you need:

Andy Phelps is collecting commitments and officer nominations (you must be nominated) so send him a message with your contact info at [email protected]

Dave Copher and Tim Rowe are taking any general questions and inquiries into the Hobby Shop. [email protected] or [email protected]. You can also PM me on RCTech.

Thanks guys, let’s see what we can do.
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