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Depends on how drastic you want to go to lose the weight. Short case servo, no servo saver, trim the inside open on the c hubs a bit trim some of the material on the rear bulkheads. All these were mentioned combine a light body with minimal paint. Shorten your wires to all your electronics...tons of things to do depends on how desperate you are. Soft foam bumper versus the harder one...I could go all night. Clean all the grease out of your bearings and use a light oil. All of this ads up I have 2 R's I have been toying with. The foam car weights in at 1402 race ready with a Checkpoint 5400 lipo n steel tray and the rubber car weights in at 1453 race ready. Electronics are Futaba 9550 servos LRP TC esc with fan and heatsink removed, PT under front diff, Spectrum mini receiver and all wires shortened to barely reach where they need to go.
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