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When I started racing I used a setup station every day. I used it to help learn what adjustments did what, and how sensitive certain adjustments are. Now years later and running in pro/expert class, I just use a soda can and set it next to my tire for camber, and I eyeball my toe adjustment. LOL!

The setup system cant tell you what roll center is needed, or how much camber gain you should have for a givin track condition. Those things are even more important than the perfect camber and toe adjustments. These types of things are set by feel, just by putting the car in your hands and rolling it side to side. I set droop by measuring the shock length, I believe this is a better way of reaching the desired droop setting. Using chassis blocks and a droop gauge doesn't account for a minor twists or bends in a chassis, or arms, and you have to take your tires off every time. Making speedy setup changes to get a car close to perfect faster, is what the pros do much better than AMA drivers. Because of this when they hit the first qualifier they already have the advantage of running through setups faster than most. The setup system wont help you quickly run through setups.

I do use the setup system on a brand new buggy before it hits the track. This insures everything is dead on for my starting setup.

Just my 2 cents...
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