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Originally Posted by stefan View Post
Hi Uriah,

below is a question that I also posted in the Siro thread, but I figured that you are probably the best man to ask this question, since you"ve worked a lot with Sirio engines:

"I just received my very first Sirio engine,a .12 Evo4 STI.

I took it apart and everything looks very nice, but one thing caught my attention.

The head button sits very loosely in the sleeve and has some considerable play.

Is this normal?

I am used to Picco and NR engines, where you can only pull the button out of the sleeve when the plug is removed, and even then the stick pretty tight.

Also, the Sirio head button has a groove around the part that goes into the sleeve. Is that there to seal?

I can only imagine,that the button expands so heavily that it"ll seal correctly once the engine is hot, otherwise I would expect major blow by.

Thanks for your input."

Thanks buddy!
Hi Stefan,

I have a EVO4 from Murnan, mine had a very small amount of play, but nothing worth worrying about.

The head button on my 353 Murnan was much tighter, and often needed alittle force to get out.

Obviously, I do not have to worry about this with the newer Sirio XXX because of its newer head design

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