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Originally Posted by mangoman View Post
Um do you mean the inner hinge pins? I have never broken an outter one.

If thats what you are talking about, they dont break but they can get bent easily if you crash hard a lot (which then seriously effects the handling).

Also in my opinion the titanium coated ones are not worth getting. They are no harder just meant to be smoother. If you gently ream out the arm with a drill bit you should be able to get the arm to pivot smoothly on the hinge pin anyway.

But ultimately the best thing i have is a p-dub bumper which helps to protect the suspension more because it is wider than the stock bumper.
Originally Posted by B18C Turbo View Post
I broke an outer Ti coated one and i don't even know how! Also the inner pins bend pretty easily in a good hit.

I guess its just me then... broke 2 of them already. the 1st one broke before finishing the 2nd pack of my kits maiden run. 2nd outer pin broke during a race just a few days after the 1st one broke.
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