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[QUOTE=Zdiddy;5138829] complete set of springs. Are these all the springs that I might potentially need for asphalt and/or rubber tire carpet racing? I think some run HPI springs sometimes??

The HPI spring set is all you should need, you'll find the length is just right.

when I decide to order the car, I plan to order everything that I could possibly need for tuning the car, from springs, to pivot blocks, to sway bars, etc..... and a good assortment of spares (arms, c hubs, steering knuckles, etc...) I tend to like to do things first class right from the start, so do you guys have any other suggestions for add-ons? /QUOTE]

Get aluminum steering knuckles and titanium ball studs right from the start.
If you run anything more then stock get aluminum pro spec out drives, your diffs will last a long long time with them.

Look at RC Market, they have all the right stuff for my Cyclone almost all the time.
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