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Originally Posted by Danny/SMC View Post
Do you have the cycle numbers of when you stored them and how long did they stay stored ? I have heard from some that have left packs sit for a long period of time that the IR goes up and that means voltage will be down. Racers using there packs regularly don't seem to seeing this. So I believe it's best if the packs get stored with no charge and cycled once in awhile to make sure the voltage of the cells doesn't go under 3 volts.
My quote at the top of the page was my last cycle before I stored them with 1000mah put back into them. That was back in 4/27/2008 according to the post. They haven't been touched until this past weekend... 12/04/2008. So that's over 7 months worth of storage without ever touching or even acknowledging the packs existence.

Of course I don't suggest this to anyone. But I was just curious what the outcome would be. I'm sure you would be curious too. I don't plan on racing anytime soon. But I wanted to cycle them anyways. Now that I have my equipment unpacked, I'll continue to cycle them every week and see what happens. If I do start racing again (maybe spring time), I'll probably buy a 5000 pack from ya.

If these were nimh pack, they'd be in the garbage. No questions asked. Anyways, I'll post my numbers later tonight (Monday).
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