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Originally Posted by Jam-ehz View Post
Thanks for the suggestions, I think I've found the answer to the blinking, but have no idea what to make of it..

I tried the same motors and sensor wires with an original Sphere digital Brushless/Brushed with no issues whatsoever.

I tried playing with the sensor wires, the power lines, everything, and the more I tried running the motor and looking at the lights, the more the blue light would flicker like crazy at neutral. I've turned off the LiPo cutoff mode at this point, so that blue blinking shouldn't be happening either way.

I sat the radio beside the car, and started disconnecting the sensor and servo leads, and still it flickered like nuts, and at this point only the battery and motor were hooked up.

Dejected, I moved the radio (M8 w/Spektrum Pro) to the table beside me, proceeded to hook the wires back up when I noticed the blinking reduced considerably.

I took the radio and held it close to the car again, and it was flickering like mad again! The flickering actually stopped altogether when the radio was around 4-5 feet away from the car. So the car will still run from afar, but the only problem is that I have to stand away from the car to test it! It's winter with crappy weather around here, and I haven't gone to the track for a while, so it wasn't an option for me to run it outside to notice the distance issue.

I didn't think a 2.4GHz signal could affect a speed control like this.. is this normal?
I am using LRP TC Spec with Novak 4.5t motor & spektrum DSM SR3001. It's just 1 cm to the ESC. Since I am using NiMH I had the LiPo cutoff disabled. I don't have such issues.

However I suggest if you have FM receiver. Try swap it to see how. These usually come along with your transmitter. Unless if you buy the Tx with 2.4G Spekrum series.
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