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Originally Posted by JHIH View Post
I think the LBA6 uses the same as the Great Planes Equinox, but definitely not the same as the Trakpower/Flightpower. The LBA10 uses a unique adapter like you said.

You can always just buy a JST-XH plug and replace the circuit board with that, right? Just cut off the circuit board, line up & connect the black end wire on the XH plug all the way to the right (the last black wire the way it plugs in) on your DUO adapter, and connect the two wires next to the black wire on the XH plug with the each of two wires to the left on the hyperion adapter that plugs into the charger. I would use a multimeter to confirm that is the correct configuration, but I'm pretty confident that would work.

In other words, the 3 wires circled in blue in the second pic below are the only ones even used for the 2S JST-XH adapter...just cut the circuit board off and solder a female JST-XH plug onto those three wires. I saw some cheap Trakpower female XH plugs also available at Nexus.

Don't let all the wires scare you ...all you need is 3 of them + the correct adapter for a 2S pack.
Wouldn't it be nice if every one used the same connectors?
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