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Originally Posted by mxrich View Post
My turn, My turn! Since it is F1 pics and whatever then I have a question. Tamiya is the mother of RC F1's as everybody knows. Then why do they not build a more serious F1 car than what they have? The local racers in Japan are tricking these things out in ways that would have them arrested at a TCS event for all the gizmo's they are using. The suspension ideas alone are very unique and seem to work well at getting the laptimes down. They think having a $500 4wd buggy is a good idea for the world so why not an F1 that will compete with the more serious cars out there like Corally, MLP, Alpha, RCIndycars, Hyperdrive, and a couple of others? Go ahead and discuss this amongst yourselves, I have to get a Cross F1 ready for the next race.
That's a really GOOD question. I think they tried it with the F201 (whoops) but that didn't really pick up any momentum. I would love to see Tamiya throw their hat in the ring to compete with some of the more hardcore, racing developed chassis.

I'd love to see some pics of the cars from Japan. I've seen video of them racing and the cars are hooked up, but there's not allot out there about what their doing. If you come across anything please feel free to share with the rest of us.
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