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Originally Posted by SnakeBait View Post
to make a series fair u have rules. rules are stock buggy 13.5bl and lipo. check and check. no where in the rules does it say anything about where listed is a defining line of what makes a person being bumped up or out.... again bean this isn't a sportsman class this is stock buggy, if they guys are bleeding that bad maybe they should move down to sportsman.......
20 bucks to race against 2 others? the 2 others should go to the bigger class then if they want someone to race against, that is what i did, i ran stock with the required gear to race against the most ppl. it is a hobby and is supposed to be fun, discrimination isn't fun or very good way too have your track look good....

btw i haven't seen you at the track in a bit, hope ur feeling better, would have been cool for you to make hutch....
Im feeling much better. Thanks for the kind words.

I hope I didnt come across as rude, I wasnt trying to come across that way. I just feel that you could be very competitive in mod and would like to see you come run it. Granted I wouldnt be any competition for you, im old, bald and a has been never was.

I agree that there needs to be more explination and clarification as to why you cant run stock, or some set of limits as to when and if you get bumped out. But, I can say from knowing both owners for a good time its nothing personal and they are not doing it to run off your business. I do hope that you return to racing there. It is not good for the hobby when something of this nature runs off good racers.
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