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Originally Posted by beeanner View Post
After racing at this track for years and knowing the owners fairly well I can pretty much say that they are attempting to make the series fair. A person running stock who is possibly going to win ever round of the series by a huge margin isnt fair for others who enter the class of their caliber. I agree with their decision to bump you out Snake. Not trying to be rude, but you have no business in the stock class anyways.

I understand your reason to run stock, more people. But you need to see that you have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy more skills then the guys running stock on a normal basis. If you were not blowing the normal stock guys away by 1 to 2 laps a nite I would agree with your argument. I run mod on a constant basis (and cant hit the broadside of a barn this year thank you) but I know the skill level im at, and I run the class that is going to help improve my skills and provide me with more enjoyment if I do win. Whats enjoyable about blistering your competition everynite by 2 laps?

I can understand your frustration about the low turn outs lately. We all can. Attendence will pick up now that the rutt rutt gas season is over here. Instead of whinning about being moved up in class, meet the challenge head on. Take it as a compliment that you have the skills to compete with the mod drivers and go improve even more.
to make a series fair u have rules. rules are stock buggy 13.5bl and lipo. check and check. no where in the rules does it say anything about where listed is a defining line of what makes a person being bumped up or out.... again bean this isn't a sportsman class this is stock buggy, if they guys are bleeding that bad maybe they should move down to sportsman.......
20 bucks to race against 2 others? the 2 others should go to the bigger class then if they want someone to race against, that is what i did, i ran stock with the required gear to race against the most ppl. it is a hobby and is supposed to be fun, discrimination isn't fun or very good way too have your track look good....

btw i haven't seen you at the track in a bit, hope ur feeling better, would have been cool for you to make hutch....
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