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Jason, I come from the Micro Car scene, but when we switched to Lipos, I went with Thunder Powers while my friends went with other companies. While there's failed or bloated, my Thunder Powers stood strong. Even after 3+ years. I had to recently switch them out as with the increased amp draws of the modern power systems for these things. Noticing the increased heat and possibilities of cogging, I couldnt justify the Pro-Lites again, because the C rating just was no longer relevant to what we were drawing, so I went with Trakpowers. You both are good companies IMOHO, and I have had great results with your customer service. With your release of Pro-Lites V2, Im sure I will be back to using your 1320s especially at some point if the C rating has been increased as well. I just cant see the specs of the V2's on the website?

The 610C is a great charger as well, and fits my bill nicely. I appreciate your company also not standing still on it, and offering firmware upgrades to keep it up to date versus other companies who will make you purchase entire new units with each new function they add.
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