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Originally Posted by Adis View Post
Hey guys thank you for your good replies. I tested with roll center a little more and found that the with high front and low rear is very good combination for outdoor asphalt and I think I will stick with this.

Now i do have another question: I have a problem with the car rear end becoming unsettle when flying thru sweeper after a straightaway. For some reason in high speed corners like sweeper, I have to let off, because if I dont, the rear end of the car gets loose, which I dont know why. Instead going thru big sweeper at full throttle like most other guys, I have to let off and use only 3/4 throttle. Some guys tell me it's because rear is losing contact with ground because I have little droop? I use 2mm droop above ride front and rear. Why is the car doing this and how can I fix it? thanks guys

A car being loose there are probably 6 or so adjustments that you can make to the car. The droop they might be refering to is actually the front cause you are under power going into the sweeper. If you allow the front of the car to rotate more weight to the back of the car it might help a little bit. The idea would be to get more camber gain in the car without allowing the car to transfer too side to side weight too fast. You can start with upper camber links and lowering them on the tower or adding shims to the hub. If the car is becoming irratic I would check my shock oil. Make sure you don't have too much oil in the shock to where you have created a pack feel in them. This is when the rebound just shoots back out. If your shock are packed this can cause a really bad side to side ittatic feel. They should just rebound nice and slow and smooth. Most guys only run about 50% rebound in there shocks. Also try a 50 or 60 weight oil to slow the weight transfer of the car, if the grip is atleast medium. Try some of this stuff, also check out the link that I posted up above for the setup book from Xray.

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