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Originally Posted by CarCrazy View Post
Yep, I finished 17 races in a row with my 808, no DNS/DNF's! I can keep my spare parts in one 1/2 full freezer zip lock bag. With this buggy you have time to see what you need to order, because things wear out before they break. I've NEVER broken an arm, and rarely need any parts at all. Screws, Bearings, and Clutch parts, thats about it. Stock $200 dollars worth of exotic parts.... LOL,.. ya right, wont need that if you run Xray.

Also its good to support LHS, but they aren't located at every track, in fact very few tracks out here in CA have fully stocked shops at them. Most racers bring what they need with them to run. I'm past the point of backing local hobby shops at my own expense,... yep,.. over it. This weekend I walked into my LHS to pick up a 15 tooth clutch bell (in any brand),... nope didn't have one, and you would think thats a simple thing to stock..! So I went home, ordered the exact part I wanted for less money online. Its just the way things are going, and I race too much to rely purely on my LHS's for all my gear.

Pick the car you want to run and get behind the brand, but stick to the tried and tested models.

just my $.00000001 cents... LOL!

Well, you cant say that about every hobby shops. SOme have a higher inventory and good stocking than others. In So. Cal there are many hobby shops that carry a wide array or spare parts. Yes, I seen some thats straight out MSRP but there are a few is below .net and ebay prices. Best thing is to go to the local tracks and talk to the team or local drivers on their input on the car. Hang around and watch how it performs. Its pretty much all comes down to the drivers skill. All the factory drivers are top notch. They all have their ups and downs. Hara will win worlds, Cody will win that, Adam there, etc. Dont rely on who wins what to make your decision on what to buy. To me one of the most important thing to picking a car is parts support from your LHS. I currently drive a MP9 but have owned OFNA, Hot Bodies, Losi, and Tamiya. I seen drivers break parts all the time but that same part dont break on mines and I brake parts that others dont. On my MP9, it took a good 8 feet drop to a cart wheel to break a front lower arm and I still manage to drive it off the track. That I think is durable. So you wont go wrong with any car, it just takes the right setup and practice, practice, practice. Thats the Key.

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