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Originally Posted by Jaz240 View Post
Dude you need to chill! You're getting way too nasty about a silly thing like RC cars. focus your energy into something WAYYYYYY more important.

and why would team drivers lie about what the differences were with their buggies over the stock ones? I would think the sponsors would not like their drivers lying to consumers about the product.

How did this thing get so far out of hand anyway? Please relax, this is soooo not worth it.
Read the post. I stated a fact he didnt like, so he went out of his way to try and dispell the truth. The car that you buy from the shop isnt in no way going to be as close to the one that won the worlds. As far as the team drivers lieing. I never said that. I am sure that they tell the truth about what changes have done to the car. But it wouldnt be good buisness for a company to say " Well we won the worlds with a car you cant own" when they are trying sell a product. That is called marketing. Its sells better when people such as D8 think they can run down to the shop and buy the car Hara won with. Then on the topic of team drivers. Im sure that they wont come out and say " well the car I drive is a POS and I wish I could get better" so here we are in this stupid debate over a $350 lowend buggy. I was stating the facts so the topic starter can understand the facts. Me myself only play in the highend because you get what you pay for. Not trying to get into a flames war but never shy away from the challenge.
Who needs sponsors when you are me!!

Sorry about your damn luck!!!
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