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Originally Posted by D8 View Post
relax Jack!!! how do I know the information?? easy.. the team drivers post their information in the New Hot Bodies D8 thread, we ask and they reply
Just another drool cup retard that buys into the " Team Driver" hype. If I told you that I was a pro football player and I played for the Detroit Lions and said we were the greatest of all times, you would believe it? I only ask this because have you ever thought that they are a little bias. Probably not, because they are all stand up guys thats not promoting a product. Shhhhhh dont tell anyone this its just between me and you its called "Marketing" please dont let that out the whole RC industry will go under like the stock market. But what do I know. Like I said did you want that change back for your 2 cents?

infanterene- Wow crawl back under the rock you came from. I wear big boys caps. And that makes you not worthy, skippy.

But once again every car is going to have its ups and downs. Really should just find the one you can get parts for and meets your driving style.
Who needs sponsors when you are me!!

Sorry about your damn luck!!!
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