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wondering, that in Belgium and HK the WE is still not available ... (remember 11 month ago... 42106 ... first pics..)

I think Tamiya will wait till Sunday (Worlds Finals) to release the full specs (for example the sus blocks config). So it should be possible to get the WE under the christmas tree (in Japan it will not be a tree - i guess).

At the moment I have noticed (my opinion):
All 2.25 standard TRF416 chassis plates are sold out. They will be worth a lot, when running 5 cells. The new WE plate is only good when running 6 cells.
Tamiya should release the spool outdrives with a 49xxx number. So it would be easyer to get them in the whole world.
The new WE topdeck would be also only good on low grip tracks (because it offers more flex). So be patient and keep you old lower and upper deck when building up your new WE.
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