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Originally Posted by O'Brain View Post
For a 2S2P pack with this "ture" capacity, you need to make each cell with 2700mAh capacity in order to discharge out 5292mAh at 35amp. So each cell's thickness need to be over 6mm to have the cell's capacity that reach to 2700mAh. 4 cells thickness will be over 24mm.

My question is how your Lipo manufacturer can manage to fit this 2S2P pack (with a thickness over 24mm) inside the hard case. Even the Lipo manufacturers from Korea can't make a cell with 2700mAh at the thickness of 5.5mm. You can easily find out the information from either Enerland or Kokam website.

Also,it really doesn't make any sense that it will hurts the performance of packs by doing cycling. We are actually doing cycling when we discharge and charge the packs race after race.

I also wonder why your run time was dropped from 620 seconds to 549 seconds while the discharging capacity still at 5292mAh.

One last question, do you buy the Lipo from different manufacturers? It is really odd that the average voltage and IR is very various according to your test result (voltage 7.21V-7.33V, IR7.7-10.2).

First #'s were the average from 4 packs cycled at 30 amps... The top #'s were 1 pack cycled at 35 amps..

the capacity of this (1) pack was higher because we balance charged before we cylced, which we did not do the first 4 packs..

5292 mAh is the true reading, the packs are just at maximum height, I had one apart and it was jammed into the casing... dont know how the Chinese are doing it, but they did it!

I still dont recommend cycling your Lipo's...

Buy one, check it out, you might be surprised!!
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