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Originally Posted by MOTHER FOCAR View Post
bad idea...i think smc has set the standard for cycling there packs once and posting the numbers on there packs....

every nimh cell i bought was fooled with by someone ...and the numbers were put on little labels for me to decide what pack i wanted to buy..

mod guys wanted run time
stock guys wanted low IR and voltage

call me crazy but..youwon't post 35 amp gfx numbers because they don't hold up to the competitions......cough smc cough

man up and cycle one of your packs without heating it up and post the 35 amp numbers..this way we can all decide just how good your cells realy are....

you realy don't want someone to buy your pack and take it home...only to find out it is a lesser battery when comapred to smc or anyone else for that matter...

1 cycle on a lipo pack at 35 amps with a 30c rating is not going to do a damn thing to the pack or it's cycle life...besides i don't want to buy a lipo pack that doesn't have any teeth.......

cycle the pack once...post the numbers and let that be the avg 35 amp numbers.....

end of the fuss..
I dont use RC Tech to bash on anyone, this crap is getting old... Everytime I introduce a product and state facts and work with people I get A-holes that come on just to start some BS... with a name like mother focar, go figure

SMC is not my only competitor, there are many companies out there now that are offering a 5000 to 5300 mAh pack.. I have no beef with SMC!!!

I dont care what you say, cycling lipo batteries is not good for them.

Tell you what, I will go cycle one of my packs at 35 and post some #'s just for you big guy!!

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