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Originally Posted by SpeedyDad View Post
The protos have been tested with quite a number of motor combinations from 17.5 stock to many of the current mod motors sizes from Novak and Trinity. The ESCs have been mostly Novak and LRP. The trannys have held up fine. Like anything, the more power you throw at them, the quicker they will wear out.
Thanks for the answer, on the systems you are using. The main reason for using higher voltage is to cut amp load and in effect increace runtime. My plan is to run a 1200kv motor and 5s 2500mah lipo, the lipo is about the same weight as a 2s 5000 lipo, but the amp load is significantly reduced because of the torque being built out of voltage over amperage. My main concern was for the 4th gear and if there was a problem with durability, if you have no problems, i should be fine.

once again, thanks
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