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Well today I put a good clutch clutch on the car with the oval restrictor and went to 17/49 21/47.After almost a full gallon I started tunning her up alittle.I am very impressed.Think I am going to end up running a 7mm restrictor for 5 minute runs.This motor has soo much torque.It pulls so hard down the straight it is almost too muchAfter I got her tuned up decent I was running some laps and slammed the throttle hard coming out of a turn just like I normally do and the car spun out.I tryed to get back on the throttle and it spun out again.Got the car back in the pits and to my amazement I broke another rear axle.I have never had this happen before till I put this motor in my car.I broke my first axle last week when I ran two hot tanks and completely snapped one today.I have never had that happen before or seen it before on a mrx.The right rear axle went first then today the left rear axle went.One was a gallon old and the other was the original.I also stripped my front belt and rear belt which ended my day.I guess I am going to have to loosen the clutch alittle and be alittle more careful with my throttle finger.I am amazed by the power this thing has now.Will definitely do more buisiness with you.Thanks for the grin.

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