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Originally posted by Herminator
I think the only change for mid span is the suspension arms, just mount them on the optional holes in the chassis.

You after a stiffer chassis? what surface do you run on?
The Pal A type conversion has a split in the top deck where the motor mounts, so you'll definetly need the motor mount too, I'm sure Dave will tell you how to get one Tangoed

a slightly thicker oil or a couple spring rates up would be a good starting point ... a 1.4x5.50 spring would be good and 35w up front and 30w in the rear with a 1.2 pistion..

and as for the PAL chassis in Orange.... Very hard to get done now.....(not saying that it can be done...but.) since PAL had stoped the Orange stuff for a bit I had to get 60+ pieces color changed just so they could do a run of Orange.. ( PAL Web drives)

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