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Default Mid span set up

Ok Dave,
may give the mid span set up a whirl, any other changes needed to run it mid span????

Got the Yoke bladder shock caps coming on thursday so more improvements there.
How to I go about ordering short shock bodies for my Web then Dave??????

And while im on one, is there a Pal conversion with just the top and lower deck???? and will i need a new motor mount???? (I bet they dont do it in Orange either do they?!?!?)

Some of the team drivers over here have modified the shock towers on their Yoke Sd's by getting new ones made with the upper shock mounting holes lowered by 3 mm, it helps get ride height down avoiding excessive take up in the spring which makes the car lop around when changing direction. Their cars sure change direction quickly as a result. Just a thought, anyone tried it???????

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