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Originally Posted by Korey Harbke View Post
Usually when the stagger was smaller (ex .07) it would give the car more steering. When it's bigger (ex 1.2) it will make the car a little bit smoother and more stable. Thats just a generall rule of thumb though.

I usually go smaller tires overall, and less stagger as grip comes up. Usually when the tires get a little small th ecar pushes a little bit more, but then having less stagger give somes of that steering back .

I've noticed link cars tend to like a little bit less stagger, in comparison to tbar cars. Just something you'll have to fiddle around with though.

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Originally Posted by RCSteve93 View Post
2mm stagger is what I run in 1/12th. It is perfect for the DB12R to keep it at 4.5 all around with the 3.5's and no front end shimming. I start off at 4.5mm ride height and it goes down .15-.20mm per run. The tire sizes are 44.5 rear and 42.5 front. I am probably the only idiot that uses metric in 1/12th... but I am a rebel. Originally when I ran magenta's all around the front wore quicker, but now with magenta gray it is equal.
That gives me something new to try....thanks bud
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