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CRC on comparison for foam tires. How was the wear rate of the carpet compared? Was it natural or exotic foam tires compared to the selection of rubber sedan tires. Also just recently "Carpet Specific" compounds like the MuchMore Sweep LHS have been made. Could the new rubber tires account for less wear with the use of Fasttrak HD?

In your opinion why does rubber stress the carpet more for CLUB racing? Would Modified Foam racing wear the carpet faster than Stock Rubber?

Is the wear more because rubber holds together better than foam under the same forces? Meaning the foam with sand away into dust while rubber stays intact causing the carpet to wear instead of the tire?

My opinion that even with rubber tires being up to 4mm narrower than foam tires, the contact patch during high lateral forces is higher on rubber. Foam tires do not give or "compromise" as much as rubber tires and if the car setup is not perfect for that corner, the tire can lift or roll reducing contact patch. The lifting and rolling effect is exaggerated by truing tires to "Race height" and re-iterates that set-up is everything. Anytime there is a reduction in contact patch, contact pressure is increased to maintain support of the vehicle.

Rubber tires in our sedans were developed with sidewall "compromise" and squirm patch. Even if the car setup was not perfect for that corner, the tire will maintain more contact patch.

Since race tracks consist of many corners of different radii and entry speeds car setups tend to be a compromise between every section of the track rather than one particular section. This means even with a dialed setup, the tires still need to function as not every corner is the same.

I am looking forward to seeing some OBJECTIVE data form racers, track owners and of course Manufactures like CRC. IMO the information gleaned from this thread could lead to positive changes in the classes. It could be beneficial that ROAR eliminates the Dual-Classes of FOAM and RUBBER for Stock and Super Stock. Only with objective data could a decision of that magnitude be made.

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