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Originally Posted by SRL BOARD View Post
Our carpet is ozite. The 3 onroad cars always can start running oval if its going to continue to be a problem and onroad can go away.......we are an oval track that is allowing onroad to be ran. If they don't like the rules they can go to another track which they like to threaten to do all the time. So we decided ok go BYE. I know its harsh but thats the way it is. We will let onroad run as they have for years with us locally but we are staying FOAM ONLY we all already own them so its not a even a problem. The real fast rubber touring drivers from other places are buying rubber tires as often as foam to stay fast too so it is not a money issue. We will let the run, no problem. They just must use foam tires. Its our rules for our track, just like other tracks have rules like no paragon. When we are at their track, we follow their rules. When they are at ours, they will follow ours. We hate rules like that sometimes, but when we are at their track, we follow their wishes. If they want to run rubber when outdoor season is here, they can run them on the asphalt. So if fun is what you are after, come run what everybody else is running. If you want something else, bring it up at the track and it will be talked about. This issue has been dealt with, and the answer is no, and always will be. Sometimes you get what you want. Sometimes you don't. This is just one of those times. If you don't want to run your touring car with foams, maybe you would like to run 1/10 scale pancar with foams. Maybe that is another option to look at and bring up at the track.

SRL Board
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SRL... I take it you are new to the racing sceene with just one post

That is a very harsh statement to let the local racers know that the SRL board would rather just kick the sedan racers to the curb than make a minor adjustment in the racing format to accomendate additional income. What is even worse is that none of the board members even truely particiapte in sedan racing so why should they be concerned with class rules? It is even stilly that with the $179 RTR's the rule is imposed that they must run foam tires that cost $40.

I have thought about running 1:10 pan car for road course so that I can not look at the grass being greener with Jaco Rubberz or MuchMore Sweeps. But why should I buy a new road course car if the board just wants to drive oval only? If I did go pan road course, could I run 3.7V Lipo? in stock or will that lower voltage be a MOD only for the sake of it.

***Sarcasim Removed***

Does it not bother SRL that there are just as many spectators that own r/c cars in the classes raced as there are racers? Think about it, there must be a reason why they are leaving their cars at home and comming in just shoot the breeze for a few hours then leave. Maybe it's the rules or how the board acts. I didn't start this thread to drag the SRL through mud. Since the SRL wanted to voice thier opinion here, I voiced mine.

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