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You can also use a weighted flywheel, it will have a similar effect... When I used to run a road car I used to use a ultra light flywheel, the effects from heavy to light flywheel are pretty dramatic.. As well the effects are exponentially more apparent the faster the rate of acceleration of the engines a 1:1 car the ;ight flywheel will feel like a 40% increase in power in first gear, but on the highway in 6th gear there is no noticeable difference between heavy and light flywheel.......... how this applies to 1/8th scale and traction is most apparent when a machine loses traction, a light rotating engine will spike up RPM very fast, whereas a heavy rotating engine will have more inertial resistance to overcome before the RPM's will spike up...On a slippery track you will definitely feel the effects of a weighted crank as opposed to stock, and it is especially apparent if you run a really light crank on a slippery track............ on a side not I have had the luxury of trying to drive my road car on ice with both a light flywheel and a heavy flywheel... the light flywheel made you feel like a "one legged man in a ass kicking contest" LOL even with fancy winter tires there was no way to properly drive the light flwheel..... however with the heavy stock flywheel the car had exceptional traction with the very same tires....
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