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Originally Posted by Maximo View Post
I think he is trying to say what your trying to say..just in his own way...... Calaber finds the Speeds low end to be smoother and more tractable as compared to the standard VSpec...We run both motors and you can definitely feel the Speeds weighted crank when you are running on a low traction situation, the VSpec will break loose much easier then the Speed will.......with the Speed you can lay into the throttle much harder with much less worry of spinning out...... However on high bite surfaces you can definitely feel more punch from a standard VSpec.......Just like when I lighten a crank on a motor, its can be awesome if you have traction, or it can be a nightmare on low traction surfaces......
While I agree that the Speed has a smoother lower end (throttle wise) I want to attribute it to the difference in carbs and other minor tweaks to the engine more so than the slugged counterweight. I know the weighted counterweight plays a part, just not sure how big that part is. Not even sure the difference total weight betweenthe two crankshafts. Guess I need to drag out the scale next time I have one down.

Ed M.
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