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Originally Posted by Megacrash View Post
Hey guys,

want some advice im completely torn between two engines for a replacement in my mbx6

now these are the only 3 im considering after running some others, i dont normally ask these questions but id like other peoples info on them

rb ws7 3 l2g
os v spec/speed
Team orion crf

the only downside to the speed is the cost in the uk 280gbp!!!

What do you chaps think, im after run time reliability life span and ease of tuning.

The OS Speed tuned 21 is hard to beat for all around performance, but I would suggest trying to find an old style GRP Ninja 21, I have one with 14 gallons on it and it still screams. 14 gallons! thats unheard of, you will not get that kind of longevity from an OS Speed, or any other engine that I know of. The new Losi GRP's are having issues with the conrod's, and Losi isnt offering to warranty it so be careful there.
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