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Originally Posted by sullen909 View Post
The lipo vs. nimh war is raging so much right now. I think its because nimh have been around for quite some time. Lipo is new, its fun, its a lot different. But each type of battery have pros and cons that pretty much leave both equal. For the time being that is. I don't think many people can go wrong with either one.

The only real problem with lipos really to me is that they are so new. Some things related to lipos are barely being roar approved. A lot of the battery companies are barely catching up to the ones that took the nose dive from the get go with lipos. But with new technology comes a higher cost. I am sure in two or three years you can get a decent lipo for 40-50 bucks. And a decent digital charger for around 50 also.

Nimh have been around for a while. Most everyone knows how to work with them. How to care for them, etc etc. And every company that sells electric accessory's has at least a few packs or cells for sale. And every charger right now has the compatibility with these batterys. They may take a little more maintenance, but they are essentially user friendly to this industry.

My theory on types of things like batteries, motors, etc etc. The only time they are outdated is when you see less than two ads in any of the major rc magazines. Whens the last time you saw a ad for nicd batterys in xtreme or rccar action. I still see ads for nimh batteries, I also see ads for lipos. But in a couple years that will be different.

I will most likely buy both types and a charger to charge both types. The information you guys have given me, gives me a few choices on batteries.

And hopefully this thread has helped other people also.

Now someone needs to make a Best Lipo thread.

You can get a lipo pack for 45 bucks and you can get a digital lipo charger for 39.99 turnigy accucell and yeah racing lipo's.

NIMH are so last summer brother.
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