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Originally Posted by DOMIT View Post
Ran the RC Pro Southern Region round 3 this past weekend, and had a blast... but:

I was marshalling the Expert Truggy A-main, when one of the drivers got out of shape and launched his truck off the side of the jump (it happens... no big deal) and "lawn darted" it onto my foot. (Ouch!)

Results: Broken big toe. Oh well... like I said, it's racing, stuff happens.

What REALLY pisses me off though is that I'm on the ground with this guy's truck, still trying to get him back on the track... with him holding it full pin.

That's one of the first things you learn as a beginner- when you are being marshalled, STAY OFF THE THROTTLE.

And of course the driver is too much of a punk to apologize too... which is what I expected and all I'm really still looking for. (I don't know who it is, but it is a blue and white truggy, of which there were 3. I've eliminated one of them already... if I find out who it is, I've got a few words for him, or maybe for his sponsors since he's not man enough to step up...

It was also brought to the attention of the track owner and race director, as well as the RC Pro Series rep doing tech.
That's why I always make it a rule to not touch them if the wheels are a-buzzing, and if they mash the throttle while they're still in my hands I lay them back down on their roof and slowly turn and look at the driver's stand. They get the message real quick.
Had a guy last year try to get into a shouting match after a heat and I said to him, "if you don't have enough common sense to not try and injure me intentionally, then don't expect me to have enough common sense to marshall your car."
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