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Hey everyone,

I've run both the OS Speeds and the C6BBT's with good success. Here is how I describe the differences, I'll judge them on Responsiveness, Bottom-end, Power band, Mid, Top-end, longevity, and price.

1. Responsiveness (how quickly the motor clears the fuel and hits the torque)
- OS Speed wins in the responsiveness category. It has to do with the way a Speed tunes and how the RB tunes slightly rich on the bottom.

2. Bottom (how much real power at lower RPMs)
- RB wins this category because the motor just has more wheel spinning power. However you might not want this in buggy.

3. Power band (how well the motor transfer's from bottom to mid)
- OS speed wins this category because it has the most usable power in this range.

4. Mid range power (The RAW power of the motor)
- RB wins here because those C6's just have huge RAW power!

5. Top-end (who can sing the loudest....)
- RB wins here because nothing can touch the RPMs of an RB. The OS speed can hang in this category but longevity will suffer.

6. Longevity
- RB will normally last a bit longer if taken care of, they are made of harder materials and can handle abuse a bit better. I've heard the stories about Speed going 10+ gallons but I haven't experienced it that way at all.

7. Price
- RB is just a bit cheaper but they are both around the same price. If your on a budget here is a sale on 4 of the top race motors that just came out, these are closer to the $290-350 range. Bang for the buck would be the new Mugen JX21, it has the same crank as the speed. On sale here:

1. In my opinion if you run Truggy, the C6BBT's RAW power will benefit you greatly out of corners and get you over any jump at your track.
2. If you run buggy, the OS Speed's very usable power band is sure to help your lap times, and reduce wheel spin.

They are both good motors, but they each have rules:
1. Dont run you OS speed hot, 270+ will kill that motor as the materials are too soft to handle that abuse.

2. Change your connecting rod on the RB at the 2-3 gallon mark, no matter what! That awesome RPM comes at a price, keep that connecting rod fresh and this motor will last very long.

......and air filters, air filters, air filters!!!!! KEEP THEM CLEAN!
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