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A RB C6 soft on the bottom? Considering it's one of the choice engines for a truggy I would tend to think torque is what it has plenty of. Some say it's to much engine for a buggy but soft bottom is not how I have ever heard it described. RB's last only 5 gallons! Geesh those are the 2 things I never hear or experience with an RB and are generally the upside to a C6 is longevity and power. Sounds more like someone who sucked at caring for his engine.

Lets comment on OS and there cracked blocks from the manufacture. Umm who would not replace them even knowing it was a defect. Not to mention the notorious leaky bearings. Now if you get a good V-spec its going to be a monster to contend with. But there is always the "IF" factor. Never heard any problems like that about an RB.

I think he was comparing the OS speed if you see them on the net for 275.00 I'll buy 10. Although I already know a speed is $500 from A-main

I was at the preworlds and speeds was not even 25% of what was being ran. Is there any bigger race than that oh The Worlds I'll be there too. I know he said non-sponsored.

bushyar15 wrote:
"Performance-wise, nothing to choose between them. Both perform excellent. The RB is still a bit softer on the bottom. "

"I've seen V-Specs run strong for 6 or 7 gallons, I've seen RBs last only 5 gallons.... "

"You can find a V-Spec on the net for around 275.00 The RB goes for around 439.00"

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