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Own and run both.

Performance-wise, nothing to choose between them. Both perform excellent. The RB is still a bit softer on the bottom.

As far as longevity, this season both motors are still running strong. So, I have no data on the new RB. In general as far as this whole debate on longevity. I've seen V-Specs run strong for 6 or 7 gallons, I've seen RBs last only 5 gallons.... Alot has to do with how you treat and maintain your engine....

I've seen and heard of guys getting 12 gallons out of an RB. I checked out a motor like that, While it ran, it wasn't making nearly the power it should have been. Just cause it still runs, doesn't mean its producing good power....

Also a consideration is price. You can find a V-Spec on the net for around 275.00 The RB goes for around 439.00. Again, I feel you can't go wrong with either. Great engines, it comes down to a matter of preference for brand...
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