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Originally Posted by CarCrazy View Post
I've had both rides.

Both buggies are good race machines, YOU could win with both!

I didn't want to just post the old argument of "one is better than another", so I took the time to look back at my results. The results of my last 5 expert races with each brand, here is how I faired:

Losi 8ight:
(BTW I owned the losi for 6 months) I went back and looked at my results online, and my posts on another forum from after each race.
1. 1st in the B-main bumped up to A,.. rear pinion went out in the A.
2. Finished 7th in the A-main
3. DNS A main as (3rd qualifier),.. throttle servo burned on starting line.
4. Qualified 5th in the A-main,.. shock piston fell off 3 laps in.
5. Qualified 2nd in the A-main,.. then servo number 4 burned out 10 min in.

Xray XB808:
(I've owned one for 4 months)
1. Finished 4th in the A-main
2. Finished 1st in the A-main Lapped the field almost twice...
3. Finished 2nd
4. Finished 3rd A-main in a big two day race, and won a jumbo trophy!
5. Finished 5th in the A-main after two flame outs (dang glow plug).

I just wanted to point out one thing..... I"M THE SAME MECHANIC AND DRIVER with both buggies, and yes I'm using the same servos. I also want to point out that in 4 months of racing, I've cut my cost of maintenance in half while driving the Xray, far surpassing the extra $180 I paid for Xray the kit. I'm actually having fun racing again.

So I guess I have to give the consistency, durability, acceleration, speed, handling, jumping, stability, steering, longevity, and lower running cost to the XRAY! ...And no I'm not sponsored, I'm just a racer...

I give the Losi the parts availability, and props to the team drivers...
Well I guess according to this post Losi is just plain garbage. Losi sure seems to be on the lines of a redcat or himoto with all these problems. I just want to take a look at your problems for a moment.

1. rear pinion went out = maintenance rarely see this happen on any buggy and when it does it's generally traced back to maintenance.

3. & 5. You burned up 4 servos. This was a Losi issue with adding the O-rinng and properly setting your EPA's. This issue should have been solved after the 1st burned out servo. I and many others never experienced the issue due to setting servo's correctly from the begining. others who burned out servo's and replaced reset there EPA's never had another problem.

4. Shock piston fell off out of the blue just fell off. Sounds more like not properly reinstalling piston. Now if you said it broke that I can maybe go for that. Allthough I never seen anyone break the pison. Seen rods bent.

More than anything I am NOT bashing you just pointing out. That most of your problems seem to be maintenance and user error than manufactors defects. It is inherent in a man to blame the machine and not reevaluate what he did wrong or coud be doing wrong. The greatest growth of a man or driver is when he understands his faults and moves to fix his issue. Which always makes his machine and everything around function at a higher level.

Did you ever take in to consideration that when you changed to X-ray your mindset changed also. You chose a better setup that accomodated your driving style better. You started performing better maintenance from the lessons you learned running your Losi.

Again I'm not bashing you I am glad you are winning with your X-ray they are beautiful buggies. Your success is everyone success it fuels the fire to win in everyone and compete against you. However don't place your faith in a piece of equipment when the only real difference probally was you and your learned skills. To say a piece of equipment was the difference is to say your really not that good of a driver unless you have product A under certain conditions. Thats not the sign of a good driver and you must be one because you are winning. Buggies don't win you make them win.
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