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Originally Posted by CarbonJoe View Post
Do you use one for your cell phone? Laptop? iPod? All 3 of them use LiPo batteries...

Why not require them for NiMH as well, which don't burn, but explode.
They charge at a much much lower charge rate and they do still explode

Originally Posted by Tubaboy View Post
cell phones & laptops use li-ion, not lipoly.

But hey, up to you, just if you ever do, please sit in the corner by yourself so you don't put another racer's equipment at risk. Our track doesn't require them for nimh's, but does recommend that our racers do. Our club's flight area requires the charging of any battery to be done in a bunk of sorts.

My cell phone and laptop use lipoly

Originally Posted by ratherBracin View Post
aren't every cellphone charger basically a wallplug trickle charge type of unit, whereas all the RC-based chargers are going at a much higher amperage rating?

Basically a trickle charger about 0.1 amps or less

And yes i use lipo sacks and so does my dad
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