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Originally Posted by CarCrazy View Post
I've had both rides.

Both buggies are good race machines, YOU could win with both!

I didn't want to just post the old argument of "one is better than another", so I took the time to look back at my results. The results of my last 5 expert races with each brand, here is how I faired:

Losi 8ight:
(BTW I owned the losi for 6 months) I went back and looked at my results online, and my posts on another forum from after each race.
1. 1st in the B-main bumped up to A,.. rear pinion went out in the A.
2. Finished 7th in the A-main
3. DNS A main as (3rd qualifier),.. throttle servo burned on starting line.
4. Qualified 5th in the A-main,.. shock piston fell off 3 laps in.
5. Qualified 2nd in the A-main,.. then servo number 4 burned out 10 min in.

Xray XB808:
(I've owned one for 4 months)
1. Finished 4th in the A-main
2. Finished 1st in the A-main Lapped the field almost twice...
3. Finished 2nd
4. Finished 3rd A-main in a big two day race, and won a jumbo trophy!
5. Finished 5th in the A-main after two flame outs (dang glow plug).

I just wanted to point out one thing..... I"M THE SAME MECHANIC AND DRIVER with both buggies, and yes I'm using the same servos. I also want to point out that in 4 months of racing, I've cut my cost of maintenance in half while driving the Xray, far surpassing the extra $180 I paid for Xray the kit. I'm actually having fun racing again.

So I guess I have to give the consistency, durability, acceleration, speed, handling, jumping, stability, steering, longevity, and lower running cost to the XRAY! ...And no I'm not sponsored, I'm just a racer...

I give the Losi the parts availability, and props to the team drivers...
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