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Originally Posted by ratherBracin View Post
are you asking a specific question or just stirring the pot ?
A specific question... other than the YouTube videos where people purposely destroy a LiPo pack by cooking them with overvoltage, are there any documented examples of LiPo fires specifically from following recommended charging practices? Just playing the part of the sceptic. Given the big issues in Europe about some NiMH batteries being banned because of pack blow ups earlier this year, I would have expected so see the same stories for LiPo.

Even for off-road nitro, I would have expected to see stories about LiPo Rx packs flaming up, given the close proximity to 250 degree .21 buggy engines, especially in hour long mains. Not much air flow inside a sealed battery box under a lexan body. Look at where the XRAY battery compartment is in relation to the engine.

If it eases your mind to charge in a "bunker", save yourself some money and get a surplus 50 cal ammo box for less than $10.
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