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Originally posted by PUNISHER
I would have to agree with Top Gun!

What do you mean by this Corse?

Tare down the motor after every run!?!?!?!

Which part do you agree with?

I've had the same conrod in one of my old mt12s for almost 5 gallons and it's still in good condition although it hasn't been run as hard as some of my other engines.

What Corse R is saying,i think is that if you inspect and measure your conrod bushing and crank pin diameters every now and then you will not have a massive engine failure.There are several threads on the RB forum were Rody mentions the max diameter for the conrod(bushing)and min of the crank pin in terms of wear and if you exceed the tolerances then you should replace the necessary component(conrod or crank),therfor you wont have conrods exploding and damaging the whole engine,there are also other variables!

You shouldn't have to tear down the motor after every run,just periodically or if you have a run away or missed gear shift cause of a 2 speed problem which could stress the conrod etc.
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