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I never tried the JP-4 but with it being a mid to top end pipe, kinda like the JP-2 I'd say no!

JP-1 tuned pipe is designed to give excellent bottom end performance without sacraficing too much top end performance. This pipe is awesome for motors that do not have a lot of bottom end, such as the RB Concepts WS7 and WS7II and the Werks Collari 7 port.

JP-2 tuned pipe is designed to give more top end performance than the JP-1 pipe, so is good for motors that already have a lot of bottom end grunt and for racing on larger tracks.

JP-3 tuned pipe is a 3-chamber design with all round performance, very similar to both the JP-1 & JP-2 pipes combined.

JP-4 tuned pipe is designed specifically for 1/8 off-road racing and itís designed to improve mid-range to top-end speed without sacrificing bottom-end punch.
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