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Originally Posted by dodgeguy
I have never liked running spec classes myself. It seems those are for guys that can not drive and blame it on the car and electronics.
Regardless WHO is running in them - if the class has a demand and people want to run it...and YOU don't like it, run a different class??

For those who do like that type of racing - rules, regs, products, etc. are tried to be built as closely as possible.

In the past - ALL SPEC Classes were aimed at being SLOWER than STOCK.

Some guys want to go faster - but don't want to hassle with the perception of dealing with SPONSORED GUY stuff. Like all of us - we have that right last I checked.

Originally Posted by MOTHER FOCAR
problem is those spec guys want us all to conform down to there level...and when we get there and put 7 laps on them they complain about cheating? go figure!
I don't think We want to put ANYONE down to any level - it's the guys who can't find a class of thier own, or whose class dies because of a SPEC CLASS who want to change things around...cause they don't really want to RUN SPEC rules - but they don't have their class anymore.

You know me, I'll keep fighting the fight - and YES I did get personal trying to get you to SHOVE something up your PIPE, but I figured it would FIT~

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