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So I ran some carpet oval with the 12R today. Things went well and the car was great. (New track record! )

However something came up that I thought someone here might be able to help me troubleshoot. After a couple run-ins with the a Hacker or two the car started to make a strange racket (sound). I was off-power only and mainly happened while turning. It sort of sounded like a metal-to-metal rattle. It sort of sounded like it was coming from the back. This sound could not be heard with the car in my hands. I looked things over real close and could not find anything out of place. The car continued to drive well even though the noise got quite noticeable. Will looking it over I notice that one of the front bearings seemed to have a catch in it. I then replaced all of the front bearings. During the next and final run I did not hear the sound.
I hesitate to believe that a bearing could make so much of a rattle.

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