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Originally Posted by thehobbyshop View Post
I don't think anyone out there wants to be put at an immediate half lap disadvantage before the starting horn. That's why myself and others are working towards a solution for alternate tires. I don't want to put my racers at a loss right off the bat. At our track, on any given Saturday, .3 of a lap is the difference in being TQ, or being 6th.
So, with that in mind, can we get back on point, and get a workable solution for the Jaco Tires.
What I'm hearing is that you need more camber, anyone got a starting point suggestion. I tried 2.5deg, have others tried more? Less?
I've also heard running thicker shock oil is better. I'm currently running 35 weight oil, Corally shocks, stock pistons. I'm currently running 1.3 sway bars front and rear. Have others found going with stiffer sways to help.
Let's get a general group of setup suggestions on this board all consolidated so we can help each other.
I agree with what you are saying, however very few clubs or "big events" use an open tire. Perhaps I should have been more clear or concise in my statement. IF this tire is being used as a handout, no one has an advantage but if you run a Jaco blue that lasts 5-8 runs competitively against say a Yokomo 138 G that lasts exactly 1.5 runs then you will have a problem. I think it is only fair to compare apples to apples.

I don't quite understand why it has been so hard for people to adapt to a new tire. Let us not forget that S-13's were the tire of choice in the beginning. Subsequent to that tire 100's of tires have come out some faster with no tire life some not faster but with an extended wear life. In the end the tire that was RELATIVELY fast and had long wear characteristics won out. We now have a similar situation. Hopefully there will be a resolution soon. All I can say is that Jaco is CONSTANTLY trying to improve the available product for its consumers.

Now back to the setup questions, as I posted before the camber link length seems to have a role in the wear of this tire. Shorter and more parallel links have worked best for me. However you may need to find that sweet spot on your car. Spring rates and oil Wt. have not had a profound effect on my particular car. I run 17 Lb front spring with a 14 Lb rear spring with 30 wt Xray oil and typically 2-3 holes open depending on the track. I always use sway bars and this may aid in limiting the sidewall roll.
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