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Default How not to break in an engine !

LOL !!! yesterday I took my MBX5T over to my buddies place out in the country, i have not been over there for about a buddy and me used to run RC all the time till he had kids.... Anyways yesterday was sort of a good ole times kind of day....... Anyways I just put a new modded JPX 28 into my 5T, i have 2 tanks on a bench, then 2 slow tanks in a parking lot....... Well on tank 5 i hand the controller over to my good buddy Trevor buddy was having soo much fun I didn't want to say anything....but man did I feel sorry for this motor, poor thing is so tight it squeaks when you turn it over..... But regardless it ran good, here is my buddy laying the smackdown on my new motor..... fyi this is my stage 1 JPX 28 on MSR 1005 pipe and .9 springs on M2C.. as well I was using his JVC cam which I didn't have proper software to edit with, so I had to use a demo program

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