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Originally Posted by TeamButter View Post
When people say these tires are slower in their opinion they are referring to tenths of second per lap which MAY add up to 3-4 seconds during an entire race. I can guarantee that we are all responsible for more time loss than that on the track by clipping dots and boards.
I don't think anyone out there wants to be put at an immediate half lap disadvantage before the starting horn. That's why myself and others are working towards a solution for alternate tires. I don't want to put my racers at a loss right off the bat. At our track, on any given Saturday, .3 of a lap is the difference in being TQ, or being 6th.
So, with that in mind, can we get back on point, and get a workable solution for the Jaco Tires.
What I'm hearing is that you need more camber, anyone got a starting point suggestion. I tried 2.5deg, have others tried more? Less?
I've also heard running thicker shock oil is better. I'm currently running 35 weight oil, Corally shocks, stock pistons. I'm currently running 1.3 sway bars front and rear. Have others found going with stiffer sways to help.
Let's get a general group of setup suggestions on this board all consolidated so we can help each other.
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