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So... Merciless, Oasis, and mremtr...

You feel all of the drivers that move out of the way in this video where in the wrong or should not have moved and held their line?

Pro RC Race passing Example

It's up to us to teach proper race etiquette. I understand what mermtr is saying and I agree in some aspect, but I do feel that this topic is very situational and driver skill dependent. In weekend races you have a great mixture of drivers so yes that can be hard to manage.

Agreed an unskilled driver trying to move aside can make matters worse and telling them to hold their line I feel is the correct action until they become a better driver, but eventually that driver should be skilled enough to show proper race etiquette shown in this pro RC racing video.

A good driver should also be skilled enough to just move off their line a tad to let someone by, no time loss there.

As I said in previous posts showing examples of situations a skilled driver can work around slow driver with ease and each situation is different. A skilled driver would have the etiquette and patience to drive a clean race and pass properly and wait for back marker battles to play out ahead of them. and a skilled driver can pull off their line a tad if they know someone on their tail is faster and let them by with little to no loss of time.

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