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IMO David and Plowpop are Right here! I think we are all saying the samething. I am a huge NASCAR fan and they do practice what david has been saying, and when it comes to short track racing they dont just give up no matter what lap they are on.(except if they are buy thier self). If they are racing someone for position the leader does race behind them tell the one infront makes a mistake, at that point he will make his move to race the next car!

Now I am 1 of the slower guys in R/C. As a beginner i was that person all over the track trying to stay out of everyones way, and was very nervouis about that too! the only focus i had was my car not anyone else. Heck i didnt want someone to say something to me while i was driving because i couldnt focus then.LOL now ive gotten alot better! LOL and can race cleaner. Now must of the time if i am racing someone and the the faster guy come in play i am focusd on racing that person. not stoping to let someone by. he/she will make it around me somewhere and everything is good. but if i am by my self and i know that this is a leader coming behind me i wll let that person go. But i have ran into this where someone is comeing up on me and i dont know who he/she is and what place they are in and i am racing that person, so you maybe finding that happening more becasue i or everyone out there does not know who everybody is racing against.
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