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ROTFL Is it worth the arguement If your a fast driver that's one thing! If your a fast driver that can "drive" that again is a different skill level !
I have seen all this play out time and time as I own and operate ETMR in Massachusetts, and see the local hot shoe get all wound up when someone gets tangled with him, and I have to laugh. I have been in both places and everywhere inbetween(pretty much a regular in the middle LOL) If you can drive THEN DRIVE !! If your fast and THINK you can drive , don't try to drive through me !!!GO AROUND if you can ! This will make you a better driver! DO NOT EXPECT ME TO GET OUT OF YOUR WAY ! That's crazy I don't care how many laps I may be down by , I am going to hold my line as best I can you need to race me fair and square ! How can I get better if I have to pull over to let this fast as hell driver by I could never catch anyway !
See the point here ??
Thinking about everything is what racing is all about. You forget something and you wreck ! simple.
I have seen sooo many times the slower guy trying to get out of the way cause the wreck . I tell them just hold your line and drive your pace! this works the best . Nothing worse than a race director yelling at someone to get out of the leader's way ? I can see the RD yelling at someone for cutting the track or rough driving but that's about it , oh and getting after the lazy marshal LOL .
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